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Chevalerin, manufacturer of textile machinery


CHEVALERIN’s company mainly designs and manufactures textile machinery. Those textile machines are used in many areas such as winding, clothing industry, dyeing and finishing , weaving, knitting & technical fabrics.

CHEVALERIN is a family business created in 1937 by Mr Joseph Chevalerin. The evolution of technology and manufacturing processes has always been put forward by the company. After several years passed in servicing in different weaving companies located in its geographical area, the company developed its own range of machines for rolling, measuring and isnpect fabrics.

The management of the company was then confided to his son André. He developed the company on international markets. Today at the age of 60 years, he still is the financial manager. He is assisted for now more than 10 years by his son Vincent in charge of the commercial and technical fields.

With more than 1300 machines produced up to now, the company is now one of the oldest machine manufacturers still existing.

It is today recognized as a leader in its field which produces around 40 machines per year. The plant is located in Roanne (center of France, close to LYON). It includes all technical necessities such as computer aided design, mechanical engineering with machine tools, electrical engineering, after sales services, ... By integrating all those services, CHEVALERIN can offer very good value for monney on the machines produced.

The notoriety and the value of its customers accentue the serious work and technical skills of the company : Canovas, Chanel, Dior, Eminence, Hermes, Lacoste, Lejaby, Petit Bateau, Zodiac, and many others .. These very well known companies use their machines in the domains of weaving, knitting, dyeing, and the clothing industry for controlling and measuring.

As mentioned previously, CHEVALERIN organization does include every step from the commercial aspect to the final delivery. Thus design, mechanical and electrical manufacturing are integrated. This enables to produce special machines according to customer’s requirements without additional costs. In that way, machines produced by CHEVALERIN offer a very good ratio of technology and quality for its price.

Always integrating the latest technological developments in its production, CHEVALERIN keeps a special attention on the reliability and robustness of its machines. This enables to deliver machines all over the world with a very high level of efficiency.